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05 July 2013 @ 11:13 pm
Anime & Games {Code Geass, Vampire Knight, Final Fantasy XV, Legend of Zelda [1 - 15]
Movies {Divergent, Hunger Games, Infernal Devices/Mortal Instruments} [16 - 28]
TV Shows{Arrow, Beauty and the Beast -CW, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries} [29 - 52]

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16 November 2012 @ 03:54 pm

Dear all,
I'm selling lots of Vampire Knight goods [[ HERE ]] !
Please feel free to come in to take a look! Thank you! ^__^
26 January 2012 @ 10:06 am
T E A S E R S :

keep your head down ;
26 November 2011 @ 10:22 pm
Title: The Specter
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Genre: Angst/Romance
Characters/Pairing: Zero/Yuuki
Rating: T
Summary: But it's pointless, thinking of all these things now. She's not his to touch, to handle and to hold. She decided that herself, and he did too. Zeki. Zero-centric.

Now there's nothing left but a bitter photograph, that's no longer a picture of reality but merely a record of what it once was. )
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17 October 2011 @ 07:32 am
Title : Precious and Fragile Things {Need Special Handling}
Prompt o6 : Jealousy
Characters : Zero / Yuuki
Rating : T
Word Count : 3,369
Summary : **PLEASE READ** This is the second installment to Fine Winding Tendrils. I know that my first installment is a bit different than chapter 75, but I'm going to be combining the events with this first piece. Consider it a slight AU, only slightly lol. The scene with the hunters, Zero, Kaito, and Yuuki happened a day after Kaien had been seriously injured in my installment. Everything about 75 happens in the same time period as Hino had written it, just change around the timing of Kaien's and Kaname's fight. Probably Aidou running after Kaien, too. X3 Yeah, I'm trying to make it work. ^//////^ Just go with it lol. ;3 The main thing I'm trying to portray here is Yuuki coming to terms with a feeling she still doesn't completely understand. I hope I was able to do that. LOL! I also thought it appropriate to use action more than words with Zero and Yuuki considering a lot of their relationship is based mostly on action. Their words aren't near as important as their actions. Please let me know if there are errors. I was half asleep when I'd written a lot of this. I had been caught up in work and I'd finally found time to finish it. XD

Maria's wide eyes filter through my muddled thoughts and I abruptly realize that I'm gripping her hand, no doubt causing her pain. I instantly release her, my face going as red as a tomato. Why did I just do that? For whatever reason, I can't even bring myself to look at Zero. The thought of his expression makes me blush more, if that's possible. I try to speak, but I'm stumbling over my words. "Maria I—I—I'm so—I don't know—I'm sorry. I'm so sorry... Maria." I feel myself slowly migrating into a corner, my head low.
22 September 2011 @ 12:53 am
Title : Fine Winding Tendrils {That Strangle the Heart}
Prompt o6 : Tears
Characters : Zero / Yuuki
Rating : T
Word Count : 2,439
Summary : Yuuki gets a rude awakening after Kaien comes back barely alive and covered in blood. (Set a day or two after chapter 74 ending)

He leans back to look at me; our noses brush. "Then answer my question, Yuuki." My name is a serrated whisper of silk from his lips. "What..." his breath tickles my jaw, slowly moving down my neck, "do you want?"
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07 September 2011 @ 06:47 pm

Title: The Ghost Patient
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Zero and Yuuki
Rating: T
Word count: 402
Summary: Kaname's dead, and Zero's left to pick up the pieces.

But Zero would never be a savior.
11 August 2011 @ 01:09 am
Why hello there, fellow Zekis!

We have created Zekirum, a new forum tailored specifically to the Zeki side of the fandom that is now open for everyone to come and enjoy. Fans of other pairings and dual shippers of all sorts are welcome as well! While the focus of the forum is Zeki, the atmosphere is relaxed enough for all VK fans to find something to enjoy. (So bring some friends if you like. *nudge nudge*)

Follow the link (http://s13.zetaboards.com/Zekirum/index/) on over if you like and come join us for discussions and games and fun!